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This past month, Chicken Little did not have the story quite right...Instead of saying the sky is falling, he should have said The Birds are Falling...

Here are a few sites that we think have the latest information about the numerous sightings of birds falling out of the sky.

  Huffington Post: Birds found dead on highway in Alabama  
  BirdsFallFromSky.com: Birds Fall From Sky  
Between bad weather, fireworks, large trucks on freeways and intentional posionings, all the dead birds, crabs and fish can be explained. As one article pointed out, with humans encroaching into wild habitats, these events are witnessed more often. The bottom line is it is hard to be an animal out in the world, no matter where they live. There are obstacles for the animals to overcome everyday.
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What is killing the barn owls of Canada?

This is an excellent article about the dangers of using pesticides or rodenticides to kill rodents (rats, mice, etc) and how the poisons affect all of us throughout the foodweb including our own pets and potenially our children.

Here at Native Bird Connections, we feel there are NO SAFE Rodendicides out there no matter what someone tells you. Rodenticides today are so effective it only takes the rodent one ingestion of bait to kill them. But death does not come immediately, it could and can take up to 5 days for the mouse or rat to die. In the meantime, owls and other raptors like hawks, may prey on the slow, dying mice and rats, which in turn poisons the raptors and causes them to die too. Rodenticides brand names include Havoc, Talon, Contrac, Maki, Ratimus and D-Con Mouse Pruf II. These are just a few.

Remember there are no safe pesticides or rodenticides.

If you must kill the rodents, use a spring trap with food that is not laced with poison.

The best environmental "Green" control method is... Put up nesting boxes for cavity nesters. There are many cavity nesters, but a few that eat rodents are Kestrels (small falcon), screech owls (small owls) up to Barn Owls (medium owls). Kestrels eat insects, birds and mice. Owls, depending on their size will eat insects, mice, gophers, and rats along with other larger prey items.

Click here to read the entire article about rodenticides and Barn Owls.


We have both Kestrel/Screech Owl and Barn Owl Nesting boxes available for a donation to Native Bird Connections. Please contact us for more information on how you can be a proud owner of one or both depending on your property.

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