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Since 2000, when Native Bird Connections first started, we have provided many consultations
that include but are not limited to animal husbandry, animal behavior, training people/animals, animal conflicts, educational techniques, and recommendations for various organizations. Among our consulting partners Leslie Howle of Toucan Rescue Ranch, Jay Sheets of Hawk Talk,
WildWings in Colorado, Clear Lake State Park, Hungry Owl Project, Minnesota Raptor Center, and local individuals with wildlife issues right here in our own backyard... San Francisco Bay Area.

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Below is just one story...
My name is Leslie Howle and I run The Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, I have been asked by Minae (our equivalent of Fish and Wildlife in the USA) to take in and rescue owls...
Screech owls

Screech Owls
Photograph©Leslie Howle

I knew nothing about the care of owls, and thru a mutual friend and the Fly... Festival...my
mother met Jenny and she has helped me so much with owls.

Spectacled owl
When the Spectacled Owl came in with a head injury and broken wing I was emailing Jenny twice a day with a
morning and afternoon report. She has helped me so much with the care and understanding of diet, basic first aid and enclosures.
With Jenny's help I am happy to report that we have treated broken wings, head injuries, young owls, very ill owls and amputee owls.

Spectacled Owl
Photograph©Leslie Howle

I look to her for not only the health information, but also she is a great source of emotional support.
Striped Owl

Striped Owl
photograph©Leslie Howle


We have 8 owls in our care and they are doing great with the help I have received!

Thank You!!!!!


The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a privately run wildlife rescue facility focusing on the care, rehabilitation and study of Costa Rican Toucans. We receive confiscated, sick injured birds from government agencies and give them a loving home. When possible we rehabilitate them to be returned to the wild. We have toucans, all types of parrots, owls and sloths. Please visit their website at www.toucanrescueranch.com to learn more.
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