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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle: female adult

Year Injured: 2000 as a first year bird

Added to collection: 2002

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle was admitted to the Minnesota Raptor Center in the Fall of 2000 with abnormal elbow extensions. No causes were apparent, however the bird was declared non-releasable and transferred to Native Bird Connections in 2002.

We have had the privilege of watching the plumage changes in this bird from the very white
chest of a two year old to the typical full adult plumage of white head and tail acquired at the age of 5.

The Bald is somewhat of an "innocent" since she has had little wild-life experience. This
anomaly allows us to be part of her private life and witness her curiosity, playfulness, and vulnerabilities.

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Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle: male adult

Year Injured: 2002, hatch year

Added to collection: 2002


Golden Eagle

The Golden suffered a wing fracture from unknown causes and was found near Vasco Road
in Livermore. although his wings seem normal when he is at rest, he cannot fly well enough for wild survival. He is quite capable of short and powerful flights however!

As with the Bald, the Golden has changed plumage as he has grown up, transitioning from the very while tail base of wrists to the dusky tail base of a three year old, and finally the typical plumage of an adult.

The golden is a true kid at heart, for he loves to make a mess. We introduce things for him to shred and tear up (otherwise the perch is fair game) in the form of boxes, cardboard tubes,
fresh branches and greenery and even a small pumpkin! And, yes, he did investigate the pumpkin... there were talon holes and beak marks all over it!
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