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American Kestrel

American Kestrel: female adult

Year Injured:2004

Added to collection:2010


We are so lucky to have acquired this charming female kestrel. She was in a horrific accident in 2004 near Eugene, Oregon. She was in a tangle with another kestrel and they both got hit by a car. She suffered major damage to her left eye and sinus, necessitating the removal of her left eye.  Cascade Raptor Center recognized what a super ambassador she could be and took her into their educational collection.

In 2010, we inquired about the availability of any kestrels, and the director, our friend Louise Shimmel, quickly realized an opportunity for this female to be an “only” kestrel, as they had several and she wasn’t used much in programming at Cascade Raptor Center.

Now our kestrel is a marvelous representative of a current environmental crisis that has sent the continental population of kestrels spiraling downwards. The secondary poisoning effects of rodenticides is causing the demise of many predators and our educational information is memorably punctuated by the presence of this small falcon

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Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon: male adult

Year Injured: 1999

Added to collection:2000

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The Peregrine was transferred from the Minnesota Raptor Center with a permanent wing injury resulting from an open fracture. He was injured as a first year bird; the cause of the injury was unknown. He originally fledged in downtown Milwaukee.

The Peregrine is considered a Peale's Peregrine, one of the three races of Peregrine in North America. He is an enthusiastic eater, polishing off a large quail daily.
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