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Native Bird Connections

Respect, Reverence & Responsibility for the Natural World 

Our Donors...

We at Native Bird Connections would like to thank all that have donated to our organization...
be it monetary or time, we could not do this without you!

In excess of 4000 volunteer hours were donated to Native Bird Connections just in 2012!


Founding Donors:
Neil and Elizabeth Waitdlow
Katherine De Haven
Helen H. Young
Diana Granados


Legacy Fund:
Duane Self

Donate to Wings for Life-

inspiring knowledge and thoughtfulness for the natural world...

Barbara Wendorff Memorial Educational Fund

Barbara W

Donate to Captive Wings for Life-

The living ambassadors for respect of the natural world...

Dan Danner Memorial Kestrel Boxes


Dan Danner

We have Kestrel/Screech Owl Nesting Boxes, for a $50.00 donation or Barn Owl Nesting Boxes for a $100.00 donation.
One can be yours! Help out the cavity nesters ... Please contact us to get information on how you can acquire either
a Kestrel/Screech Owl Box or Barn Owl box..

A BIG Thank You to the Scouts and others who have helped us by donating their time and materials to us!

Joe Serventi- Eagle scout- Barn Owl Boxes
Barn Owl Brochure
EBRPD Summer Program-Kestrel Boxes
Ben Chainey- Eagle scout- Kestrel Boxes
Don Moore- Barn Owl Boxes
Jess Chapot-Barn Owl Boxes
Kyle Hendricks-Eagle scout-Barn Owl Boxes
Dick Hallford-cub scouts-Kestrel Boxes
Julie Tuggle-girl scouts-Kestrel Boxes
Chris Womack-Eagle scout-Barn Owl Boxes
Max Taylor-Eagle scout-Barn Owl Boxes
Matt Borglin-Eagle scout-framed rodent skulls from a Barn Owl Box
Blake Buchanan -Eagle scout- Barn Owl Boxes
Lance-cub scouts- Kestrel Boxes
Mathew Torbett-Eagle Scout-Kestrel Boxes
Niels Sorensen-Eagle Scout-Barn Owl Boxes
Kyle Rentschler- Eagle Scout- Kestrel Boxes
Zihao Chin- Eagle Scout- Barn Owl Boxes

Mathew Torbett - 2013
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